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released June 16, 2016

Recorded and mixed by These Guy and Alex L'Estrange
Mastered by Marly Luske at Alchemix Studios*
Cover art by Joe Saxby



all rights reserved


These Guy Vancouver, British Columbia


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Track Name: THE END
how long will you be ?
i've got someone to be (maybe)

for a while, i'll just do what i can
in the place that i'm in
but that's not what i am,
or for me to understand.
why do i always put such a negative spin on things / i don't know what the answer is / i think of all the people living a personal nightmare / and i don't know how they handle it / baby i'm lost in a world of thought again / and i don't know if i can find an easy way out / but there's only one way down from here

there are two kinds of pain, there's misery and there's suffering / and i don't know which one i want to pick / sunrise sunset, forgive forget, instantly / i don't know how that sounds to me / i get so down when i see all this bad shit happening / right in front of me - i can't stand to see / but there's only one way down from here

late again, i'm coming around / and here i am, just running around / i shouldn't be feeling this down / but i admit, i'm coming around
Track Name: BISCUITS
maybe i'm not alone in the feeling, maybe you feel it too / lately it's all i want, just to feel the way that you say you do / you're there, i'm here, that's something that we'll have to get used to. / maybe don't stress just yet when everything's all up in the air / i don't mind waiting if you don't mind figuring out what i'm saying / lately i've been feeling angry and i don't even know why / so many feelings that you just lose track and you lose sight of what we're doing here and everything that makes me miss you.

when sometimes i think too much / it gets too much / and that's when i mess up. / but when i look at you / it's not that hard a choice / but you're there, i'm here, that much is clear / how far? how near? that's something that i'll have to look into.

yknow, i think there's something in the distance there
that i know will make more sense
when i look at you
i can see it's over
it's over before it begins

but i won't let that stop me, no / i won't let go so fast / i just want you to feel my love and i want it to last
(i <3 you. i'll see you soon baby.)

i got nothing to prove / i just wanna be with you. / and don't it seem so cruel / that it should end before it begins

now i know what it's like baby / i've got an idea / when you don't even recognise these people anymore / i just want you to feel my love and what to use it for. (it's so nice.)

and now it's over
flying all nite
have you walked down Blackwood St. at night? / it's actually alright / everyone's gone home to feed their kids / and don't they grow up quick

no one walks their dogs round here no more / they've all moved further north / and those little things that make you feel so sad / the memories that don't last / like afternoons spent drawing in your room / or walking on the moon / they're all ending so soon / and Monday, back to school

everyone i know is growing up in some kind of rush / good for them, but i don't think i'm done being young + dumb / sitting in that restaurant on my own

i can feel my patience running low with everyone i know
but that don't mean i have to let it show, you've gotta let it go
and when i move on, i just hope they know that they're not alone

why do i always miss this train / i guess i'll just wait.
and i can feel the winter coming on / though it's not as strong anymore
Track Name: ROAMIN'
roamin', always goin' someplace hoping your hopes away and dreaming of better days / roamin', always goin' someplace hoping when you go away you'll remember my face

yeeehhhh / you think that's all you've got, but it's not. there's a whole lot more / and yeeehhh / you've got it going on but you're lost

knowing seeing's believing is feeling / breathing on my face and sleeping for half the day / roamin' around like a fucking clown, wearing a sad face and going about my day. / go when you feel, don't wait for a better deal / do what you want. you gave me no choice / do what you want, you leave me with no choice / do what you want, baby.

roamin i'm fine, roamin i'm fine / pretending i'm fine
roamin i'm fine / staying alive / quarter-to-five / believe me i'm fine
believe me i'm fine / pretending i'm fine

roamin around, goin nowhere fancy, it's all up to me / roamin, always busy nowadays, too much space of my own / too much space of my own / too much space to call my own
do you want to know me better / cos believe me baby, i do too / do you want to wear my sweater / spend a day walkin in my shoes

you can't rely on that fucking guy

yknow she gives you everything / everything and so much more / yknow no one asked for a wedding ring / no one asked for a bitter divorce / no one asked me what i thought

not even that fucking guy
cos you can't rely on that fucking guy

(don't you know you can't (rely on that fucking guy))
(i will do better / i will try harder)
Track Name: LES PUCES
every day i need you / every day i want to feel like i know / but i can't and i won't - ok then oh well yeah here goes / a little book of pictures, saying all these words that i don't know / = €20.

every day i feel it / more than i ever did / every day i want to pack up and go / put my shoes on, and walk right out the door

i was at the market / hands stuck in my pockets / fishing around for change i knew wasn't there / i've been feeling restless / also i've been sexless / she helps me to be my best / well man, just go and get her. no one's stopping you.
maybe it's not what you wanted / maybe it's not what you need / maybe i'm pulling you under and not letting you breathe / some people prefer the winter / some people prefer it then / feeling the chill on your skin just cover it with warmth again / and that's when you know you've got a ways to go.

and then, i tell myself / everything else is unnecessary / love's the main thing. and that's the main thing

peace - i give to you / i'm serious too / i'm not even joking / that's my goal here, if it wasn't clear / and yes, i am alive / i can survive / i just need practise / at the art of real, endless love / so get in front / make sure they know what you want / cos that's all they've got to go on / yeah that's all they've got to go on / (don't stress) just wait it out, don't wear yourself out / it's just not that worth it in the end

maybe it's not what you wanted / maybe it's not what you need / but here it is:

no one wants to get old / but that's what we've all been sold / tell me something i don't know / tell me something you don't want anyone to know / and no one wants to be told / but babies are gonna get old / but that's not what i've been told / and where do the good times go? / when they're gone and you're on your own? / where do all the people go? / they get in front / they laugh and they cry and then some / and that's the main thing / that i'm saying / that i'm weak without your love / the sky above / will crash right down on me / love's the main thing / and i am changing every day. / i want you here / oh, my dear / so much is happening, and i am freaking out / tell me about your day / in every word and every way / what do you have to say? / let me just look at your face / let me imagine your embrace / it's a beautiful kind of pain. / but i know we'll work it out / without a doubt / we've just got to wait a while / we've just got to wait a while.