Human Language (ep)

by These Guy

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Recorded 2013-14 at home(s) in Amronel Close, Hope Street, Vallely Street and Tarnook Drive. Took me so much longer than it really needed to but it's done now and I refuse to do anything but party.


released May 3, 2014

Songs by Joe Saxby
Drums on "Street noise" and "You know who" played by Rhys Tyack, thanks Rhys big bud
also thx Tyler for the sounds at the start of "weird weather"
and thx James for the human language recording, you probably don't remember it but it's your accordion



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These Guy Vancouver, British Columbia


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Track Name: Street Noise
i can't wait for another day, when all this darkness fades away, and out, goes out. i can't wait to take my time and patiently just stay in line, i'm bound to find...

i can't wait for another day, when all this drama fades away, and out, goes out. i was walking on broken glass and all the people walking past, they saw and laughed. listen closely then you'll see, all the notes hidden in the street, you'll be at peace. symphonies on the footpath, while I just don't know where i'm at, but i'm fine with that? (why's it feel so backwards // let me know right afterwards // i don't know where i was // don't know what i was thinking of, but uh....)

...could you be with me?

i was living on a farm, but trying to get by with two broken arms, it's just no fun - got to make a brand new start, and try to mend this broken heart, we grew apart. listen closely then you'll see, everything comes easily to me, i'm me.

i can't wait for another day, just dreaming up all the things i won't say, they won't come out. i can't wait to take my time, while everyone else gets left behind, this world is mine
Track Name: You Know Who
can you do what i want you to? can you do what i want you to. i was close to breaking on through, and i know how but i don't know who.
no one knows in the end what they need most, so i suppose i'll just keep my mouth closed. wondering how it felt through the eyes of someone else, but i turned around and all that i found i'm just sitting here on my own.
trust me, you'll see.
will i go, well i don't know but you do
seems to me that all you need is someone else
and you know who
you know who, but i'm not you
i'll do what i need and i'm only alone in your eyes
i'll just do what i'm feeling what's true
one day things could change but really i don't care if they do
trust me, you'll see
Track Name: I Wanna Understand
soon i'll be back where i want to be, it's not crowded, it's not anything really. i know it won't be what i'm wanting it to be but it sure beats staring at the ceiling. just relax, now you're on your own at last it's a totally different feeling.

you don't know what you're doing here and you don't know why
it seemed like a good idea, but that was at the time.

g o o u t s i d e

it's hard to keep on trying when you don't know why
"why do you keep on trying when you don't know why?"
"i just ran out of time."

go outside, go outside
and i just wanna hide when I go outside
and I wanna understand why.
Track Name: Weird Weather
and I can't deal with that right now, I've got to make it work somehow, it just might take some time.
and I don't know what you're talking about, with those funny words that seem to fall out of your mouth, or is it all in my mind?
you're not the only one
under a changing sun
with real shit going on
the weather's stranger every day, and man, I know that things will change - I'm sitting here waiting!
I try to do despite the pain, I already know what they're gonna say, it's not what they mean. and it's not worth debating.
I'm trying to have fun (but I'm trying to have fun)
unlike my father's son (I'm like my father's son)
but I don't know what's wrong (what's wrong?),
just change.

Stop teasing me, I'm a grown boy
with no more good years left to just enjoy
stop feeling so bad, you're a grown man
no more bad tears you just can't understand
make it better when it's worth it
although you'll sometimes feel like a hypocrite
and no one's gonna do it for you even though it's hard
but no more half-real moments to just discard
and it's hard, but it's who you are

and if it's not for you
then there's nothing left to do
oh, i sometimes wish i could go back there
but even more, i just wish that was true.